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Tours- Day one

SSKs first tour ever! The actual tour part ended up being canceled.... but the SSK dogs interacting with new people and giving strangers the best we got still rocked the Chena Outdoor Collective! We are lucky enough to now be a kennel guiding and giving tours for the most genuine tour company I have ever worked for. Stevie actually, the pup in the first and third photo, came from the owner of the company- I got Stevie when she was 8 weeks old, her mother was Rynes' dog Dracula and father from a neighboring kennel. All of my pups did INCREDIBLY. As of today we have been a kennel for one year! But with that being said, that means for a whole year these dogs have been growing and maturing and learning in the middle of the woods with me. Middle of the woods means they haven't met many people at all so the possibility of them being timid was there. But this was not the case! After 3 months of free walking and adventures this summer they have become so confident in themselves and their environment that meeting new people was easy stuff for them! I'm pretty sure Mania, in that second photo, was trying to make me jealous giving Sarah (a new friend we just met) kisses! Stevie, not even a year old yet, was so calm and collected, mature for her age already. Hilariously I caught that third photo of Stevie so perfectly it looks like she's asking if the guests know how to role their tongue like she can! Every single dog jumped on their house (like i've diligently taught) and gave affection like they've been meeting new people their whole lives! What a day! Great job pups im so proud of you!

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