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SSK summer 2021 has 180'd!

It happened fast and the drive down was even faster but the silver songs crew is now in Juneau until the beginning of October. You are probably already aware but south East Alaska booms in dog tours during the summer- on the glacier mostly (while on sleds) or ground camp (in the rain forest on carts). The lack of cruise ships put a halt to this the past couple years but with the ships officially docking in Alaska we're now here to welcome the tourists to the world o

f dogs. My partner, Matt Hall, has been apart of these summer tours for 12 years so when tours opened up, the managers of Gold Rush Dog Tours called him up first to join them down here- and where he goes I go so

here we all are!

It's going to be a blast to be able to run in team with the Smokin' Aces, Matt's kennel, through the summer and quite literally stand on a rig with him while we do it. Photos of my pups running through the rain forest and how the tours are will be in next week's post, these are photos from the drive down.

Here we go, we're ready to have some new fun!

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