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Day one of tours down!

Yesterday we gave our first tour with AIE! If the rest of the summer goes similarly I think these next two months until we're home will fly by. The dogs were already social butterflies, especially my Mania man- he got his own photoshoot with a family that found his beauty equal with his warm personality. Probably his first experience with children, he moved slowly and had sweet, soft face kisses- a stupid smile is perpetually plastered on my face from the dogs. They're perfect. How? They rock tours, I can just let them loose to run to the gangline or their houses when there's chaos around with confidence that they won't wander and will come when called AND they've been giving their 1000000 bagillion% in harness during the runs. Boy. What a good life we have.

There couldn't be better training for them right now. They will be so confidently prepared for tours this winter and beyond amped for training. We'll see what the rest of tours have in store for us but things are looking bright for silver songs.

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