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Aurora Tours

Experience the true spirit of Alaska. Hunt for the Auroras in the most fundamentally magical way possible.


The Tour

Hunt for Auroras the best way we know how.


3-4 hr PRIVATE Mushing Excursion - tour hosted from your cabin. No driving necessary! 

(available for groups up to 2 people per night)

* 2 night minimum cabin stay required


            $395 per person


What to Expect

As you search the night skies for the Aurora Borealis, you will be surrounded by the pure bliss of stunning Alaskan woods and sparkling snow, all the while being pulled by a team of Alaskan huskies. Nothing could be easier then falling in love with these athletes. Half way through our ride, we will stop at an Alaskan hot tent to warm up with snacks, warm drinks and an eye on the night sky. Once back to your cabin, your guide will supply the wood and start a bonfire in your backyard to keep you warm and provide the perfect ambiance for waiting for the Auroras. The best part? No driving and immediate access to your stay for all the drinks and food you want.


What to Bring





-Winter gear

(sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, sweatpants, etc.)

Supplemental Winter Gear Included

Large Meals Not Included-Snacks and Drinks(non-alcoholic) Provided

Ready to Book?

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